Saturday, September 21, 2013

Desucon 2013 part 3 Photoshooting like a boss!

Milläs muullakaan kannattaisi aloittaa kolmas osa Desu-postauksista kun SOTA SAALIILLA!!! <3
What else would be the perfect way to start the third part of Desu-posts than THE HAAAUUUL!! <3

Mä en itseasiassa edes tiedä onko tossa kaikki mitä tuli shopattua x''D Varmaan ostin vielä enemmänki kaikkea... Muotti ja Stargate-padget on Deanin Headhunter Storesta <3 Manga Cafelta hain ramunet ja pockyt... Taidekujalta nättejä kortteja, ja niin.... mun rakkaat ALPAKKANI!!! <3 <3 Huuurrrr <3 

Niin, elikkäs, tuli tosiaan kuvailtua <3 Henniinan kanssa ihanaa ihanaa kuumaa Sparrowta <3 Ja Minnan kanssa ihanaa ihanaa kaunista Khaleesia <3 
So got some photos taken with the wonderful hot amazing Sparrow and the beautiful sensual Khaleesi <3 Here's the results <3 

There was a seamonster attacking xDDD  lol... 

Henniina mentined that it would have been so awesome to have a telescope so I did some bad editing and added one xD 

I do not know anyone who can BE Sparrow better than Henniina... <3 She just IS Captain Jack Sparrow... If you've seen her, you know this to be true. It's hard not to go all "hysteric-fan-girl" on her every time she's Sparrow :'D 

Yep... had to... again x) 

Oh and find more of Henniina from HERE  <3 

And here is Minna as the gorgeous Khaleesi <3 

I just had a massive need to give her a better background <3 This was just a really quick low-quality edit, but I felt like I just had to <3 She looked so great!

Find Minna HERE! <3
So that was it, finally :'D There might have been some pictures that I forgot to add but I don't care anymore xD There is too much pictures!! Too much I tell you!! So here are most of them at least! Hope you enjoyed looking at them, I surely loved taking them!

Next to come:  Helsinki Pride & Finncon!! <3

Please let me know what you think of the pictures!! I'd love to get some comments :)

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