Sunday, September 22, 2013

Helsinki Pride 2013

Aloitettiin kulkue Katin kanssa torilta ja matkalla bongattiin tuttuja ja ystäviä ja jatkettiin kulkuetta yhdessä <3 
We started the Pride parade with Kati and on the way be spotted friends and continued with them <3 

Kati <3

Marching with pride <3 <3 <3

We're here <3

That dog was so huge and it looked like a teddybear!! A huuuuge cuddly teddy <3 <3

Jenni prinsessana <3

Susanna <3

Liikaa söpöä samassa kuvassa :'D  Kaikki suloisuuden ihmettelivät toisiaan:') 

It was so tiny and cute and soft... and just omg... <3

Ihana Momochuu <3

Lolita bongausta :D 

Löysin Nitan vaikka hetken jo luulin, ettei sieltä ihmismassasta löytäisi edes itseään x)  <3

Took some photos of Kati for a competition and I did this collage for her ^__^ 

At Manga Cafe chilling out after a loooooooooooooooooong walk! I was having fun, but I look like I'm suffering cos I'm too hot and my feet are killing me xD the company was excellent! <3 <3

Omnoms at Manga Cafe <3

FINALLY got to taste bubble tea! <3 <3 It was soooo good <3 
After walking and walking and more walking, after eating and after bubble tea and more walking and after Manga Cafe me and Kati went to the sweet little tea-shop called Ounce. I had never been there, and I loved it. It was so cozy and so pretty and oh... You should go there if you haven't yet! 
Oikeasti, käykää Ouncessa, se on Kampissa <3 Ihan Hobbypointin lähellä. Ihana mesta, oikeesti <3

Kati drew and wrote in the questbook while I took photos and tried to cool myself down x) 

So that was my Pride-day :) A looooooooot of walking, good company and tea in every form :D
Thank you girls for a great day!! <3 <3

Desucon 2013 part 6832075 X-files

Ok, so.... there was actually a lot of pictures that I forgot that I wanted to post... So here they are xD 

She earned her win <3