Thursday, May 16, 2013

Desucon 2013 ja eipä sitten muuta...

Desucon 2013 taidekujapöytä kartta
Yo yo yo! Anteeksi kovasti hiljaiseloni! Töitä ja monta monta.... MONTA migreeniä... -____-' Tämä on nyt tällainne pika päivitys, parempi on tulossa vielä ennen Desua! Lupaan! Eli suunnitelmat muuttui... Mimicon jäi pois, eli seuraava coni on Desu, sitten sen jälkeen Finncon!! Ja sitten syksymmällä Tracon. Pakko oli hieman muutella suunnitelmia kun tilanne elää koko ajan. Muutokset tapahtui siksi että oli pakko miettiä mikä olisi järkevintä ja minkä pystyy sovittaa kaikkeen muuhun. (Finncon on siis varmistunut, mutta Traconin pöydäthän ei ole vielä jaossa joten se ei ole 100% varma.)

Ja siis ääää! Ihania osallistumisia tullut giveawayhin!! QuQ Ihanaa kun olette osallistuneet <3 Sitä on vielä se pari viikkoa jäljellä joten muistakaa kertoilla kavereillekin jne!! <3 En vaan tajua miten mun olisi tarkoitus valita voittajat teistä kaikista <3 Yritetään <3 


  1. I would like your jewelry, they look kinda neat but I have heard so much shit about your stuff too. I've heard that you really make them look like peace of shit and I also saw one and omg it was so shitty. I've heard also that you are a bitch too. Well your jewelry must be a mirror of you.

    1. Well hi there Anon! How nice of you to go thought all the trouble just to tell me this :) It is sad if someone really feels this about me but is just too scared to tell me to my face. I have a pretty good idea where this is coming from, and it makes me sad that it has come to this :( It makes me sad that this is the only way that you know how to deal with you're own bad feelings.

      If people really feel that my jewelry is shit, it is surprising that I again made a new sales record at Desucon and I have regulars coming to my table and I see people there wearing my jewelry.

      And some times it is good to question the things you hear from people. I would love to know why someone feels that I'm a bitch. If its something real, I would love to work on that.

      And then lastly; why did you feel like you needed to tell me this? Do you feel that you accomplished something by saying bad things about me and my jewelry? Do you or your friend feel better now? By publicly calling me a bitch and my jewelry bad?
      Was your intention to make me feel bad? Or make me loose my temper?
      Cos honestly I don't see any good reason for anyone to come and talk anonymously to anyone like that.

      If you feel like I've done a bad job with my jewelry, I'm always accepting feedback and I'd love to know what you think I could do better.
      And if you or someone else feels that I've been acting like a bitch, I would also love to talk about it and RESOLVE the issue. This right here, what you're doing does not resolve anything.
      It just shows me that you don't seem to have any means to actually handle your feelings and handle your own mistakes, so you take it out on others.

      I am sorry, that you seem to be feeling so bad that you have to lash out on me and others.... :( I honestly hope that you'll feel better and stop doing this, cos it won't help anyone. Least of all you :(

      Please feel better, and maybe talk to you friends or family. Lashing out is not the answer.
      And if you feel like I have wronged you or your friend, please come and talk to me about it face to face. Cos if you have ever been in contact with me, you should know that I always want to resolve issues and make everyone feel better! If you don't know this, then you don't know me. And if you believe something like that from someone you don't even know, then there is something wrong with you.

      Again... I hope you feel better soon <3

  2. Anonymous, you call her bitch one more time and I'll come and show you what the real bitch is like. You're nothing but a piece of shit in the bottom of my shoe. Is it that hard to be that jealous?! Get over it and get yourself something sensible to waste your "precious" time with. Peace out!