Friday, December 30, 2011

More jewelry

More jewelry I made for Ofelia, sold some there. I was going to say that they are cameos, but are they? They are... Yes, no... yes, no, dust? (<- If you don't watch Little Britain, that won't be funny to you xD ). Well here they are, cameo pendants.

Lisää koruja mitä tein Ofeliaan. Sanoisin että nää on cameo koruja, mutta sitten aloin epäilee, voiko näitä kutsua cameoiksi?? juu... ei... eijuu.... äääh, wooot evaah! Tässä nyt kuiteski :D

Yes, this is Iiraliina, and YES, I have her permission to make these :3 The first one is my favorite! 
I try to pick old pictures that copyrights don't apply anymore. I love these. The first and last are my favorites.

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