Saturday, November 19, 2011

Got sick of the numbers...

I have another reader?!?! *massive gasp* Welcome welcome welcome!!! <3 I' so glad that just maybe, juuuust maybe someone is reading this ^_^ Totally made my day! Thank you!

   And I really need some cheering up. I just had another gallstone-pain attack. -___-  The night before yesterday, at 11pm, the pain started and it started to escalate really fast, like scaringly fast. So I called the ambulance. Got some painkillers, helped for a minute and then the pain started again. So they drove me to the hospital, pain went a away for a moment and I was ready to go home, but while waiting for the doctor it came back AGAIN. So then a trip to another hospital and more painkillers, an ultrasound and some shuteye... By morning the pain was gone. So I got to go home. They were thinking about putting me to surgery, but there's really no point if I'm supposed to go to a surgery on Tuesday anyway! So home, some rest and in few days the surgery finally, and hopefully I don't have to be afraid of these pain attacks anymore. I'm getting so sick of these... They take so much out of me. I was so exhausted yesterday. I already had had a really emotional day and then the pain right after that, god... So so so tired!! I just basically cried the whole day yesterday. -_- Just being so exhausted and sad.

But now I think we should move to happier subjects, don't you think? :D
I decided that right now, I feel so miserable, I have a million shitty things to take care of, I'm so exhausted, I'm getting massively depressed, that I need something to cheer me up, and I'm not going to wait until christmas! So I want my camera now!!! My boyfriend is trying find out that where we could get the camera, where we could pay in parts. Cos we really don't have any money right now... But I need that camera. I want it and I need it.
   I've been hearing good things about the Canon EOS 600D, and that's the one I'm getting. Probably next week. It's going to be kind of a "get well soon"-camera, cos I'm having the surgery on Tuesday... I need something positive to concentrate after the surgery.
    I've wanted a proper camera for a looooooong time, and I love taking pictures. I just feel that a normal camera isn't enough anymore.
   I'd really love to have like photoshoots with people and everything... And I really want to take proper pictures of my animals, specially the dogs when we're out side, cos its really hard with a small camera cos they move wayyy too fast and the cameras focus just cannot keep up. But hopefully after next week, THAT wont be a problem anymore ^__^

  And another thing that I want, is ball jointed doll. To be exact, a Soul Doll. I've had my eye on them for a long time and a friend of mine has one, and is about to get another, and I'm so jealous! :D But I'm going to have wait until next year, cos there is no part payments available for them unfortunately....
But my god I really want Morse and Sharics... So badly. Morse was the first one that peaked my interest, and after that, Sharics. And I don't want anyone else. Just these two.

Tho the funny thing is, these are male dolls, and I want them with female bodies. And that seems to be a lot harder to do that you might think... Eighter I have to come up with a shit load of money or manage a split order with people... We'll see. I just pray and hope that they wont stop selling them before I get the money... 

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