Monday, August 22, 2011

Rambling 07 Bits and pieces

22nd of August 2011, at 10:30;
Angry Birds Rio updated more levels!! Yaaaaay!! I have no life!! Hurray!!!

20th of August 2011, at 14:22;
I pay a lot of attemtion to smells... I mean a lot. They wouldn't be so important if I didn't have such an emotional bond to surtain smells. Like right now, at the store, there were couple of smells that reminded me of my grandpa and my dad. First I smelled this old-person smell, just like my grandpa used to smell like, and right after that some man was wearing the same aftershave that my dad used to wear when I was a kid. They take me back to my past, specially to a place and time when I didn't know about the things that actually were wrong in my life.. Ahh the ignorant bliss of a child's mind. I want it back!!

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