Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rambling 04 It's not who you are mister Sumpter...

Jeremy Sumpter

So my latest infatuation, Jeremy, is totally just taking over my mind in all of it's capacity... I was watching clips of him on youtube. First I watched his tv-movie, Cyber Seduction: His secret life. First of all, it kinda sucked. It had a good message, but it really could've been done better. Much better. It could've been made into a proper movie, and really make people think, make the story deeper, make the message of the movie deeper and stronger... Buuuuut no. It's a shame cos I know Sumpter could've really done a better job with the part. At least I hope. But man did I enjoy the scenes where we get to see him kissing a girl... Grrrhhh. Haha. 
   Tho I was just little bit put off by how he grabbed the girls boob at one point, later in the film. That is NOT how you fondle/grab/caress/what-ever a girls/womans tits! My god, no no no. But I guess it's fine when he is, indeed, a teenager in the film. So thats that. Funny how this is a thing from the movie I obviously want you guys to remember, hahah. 
   Aaaanyway, film sucked, and I didn't really like how they portrayed porn/watching porn in the film. Tho I gotta remember that this was made on 2005, the computers were a lot more low-tech, and adults really didn't understand what was going on in the internet. I think it's way more open these days, and waaayyy more easy to get porn if you want to. I just really get pissed off if I see these close-minded adults/parents who think ALL porn is bad, and you shouldn't watch it EVER. Or the kind of parents who really think that they could actually prevent from their children seeing anything like it ever in their lives. Specially cos not only do kids watch porn, adults watch it also, many families actually have a problem not cos of the kids, but cos of a parent.
  But enough about that. I was watching other clips about Jeremy after that, and I got a REALLY good reminder about the fact why I don't really fall in love with the actor, I fall in love with the character and to the person I want them to be. I fall in love to a picture, that is colored by my imagination. I really don't want to know what kind of a person he is, what he likes and doesn't like. Cos I form an image of his personality very fast in my head, and I know, that it's not even close to the real Jeremy. I don't want to know if he's dating, or if he's an asshole, or that he's a fucking saint, I just don't want to know! I want to hold on to the mental picture I have of him and thats it. But I did make the error of watching footage of him being just himself, damn that was stupid of me. I watched half of this clip: Jeremy - youtube, and I just had to stop. My god, the bad humor, and that stupid silly bitch next to him, aaargh! No no, that is not what I want him to be. So I looked for some more, trying to hold on to the romantic mental image that I still have. And I found this: Yummy Jeremy, and oh my god, yum!! 
  The reason why I really really really am enjoying watching him is because his has this natural charisma, and he just seems to be born to be a romantic. There are only few that I know, who really just make me melt just by looking at a girl in a certain way. He just has it in him to connect romantically. I saw it already in Peter Pan, even tho he was just a little kid! But the way he looked at Wendy in the movie, or peaked behind her shoulder and whispered into her ear, hurrrrr ggrrrrrhhhaaah......! 
  I usually don't go for the pretty-boy-look, but with him I gotta make an exception. I just wish that I'd see him in better and bigger roles. Somewhere where he could just really let lose, and become something big.  
  I took some screencaps from the video... Oh and the thing that I have with men and black shirts! Oh dear... I've had some sort of a fetish with black shirts for as long as I can remember. Black shirt just makes a man look so yummy! I don't know why, and it doesn't work on EVERY guy, but most, definitely most. Him included! Grrrh! 
  He just has that thing, that is very hard, or even impossible to describe by words. That silent confidence, strong charisma and ability to just force his way to your soul just by looking at you! Mmm... 
  It's a shame tho, that I don't think that his own personality would be something I'd enjoy. But on the other hand, it would be massive torture to know, that there is indeed a perfect man, across the ocean, dating these hot hollywood women, and wouldn't even look twice in my way. Aaaaand on some other hand, the man isn't perfect if he woudn't look twice my way. I might not be the perfect girl, and I'm not a model of your dreams, but I do deserve another look from a guy. And that is something more women and girls should realize. If a guy, even if the man of your dreams, doesn't pay attention to you, even after several tries, then he isn't the man you thought he would be! Cos why on earth would you want to be with a man who doesn't give a crap wether you're alive or not! Do you really have so little of self-respect? Really!? Do you really think that little of yourself, that even when a guy is ignoring you and/or being rude or what ever, he is still the dreamiest guy on earth? Really?! This is something that I've never really understood. 
   And then there's the issue of falling in love with a guy, and falling in love with the guy you thought/wanted him to be. Most girls/women can't tell those two apart, who he really is and who you want/imagine him to be. (Men do the same, probably even more when it comes to beautiful women). You CANNOT fall in love with a person that you don't know! Thats a fact. But what you can do, is to create a personality to that person in your head and fall in love with that. As I said earlier in this post, I usually fall in love with the picture that is colored by my imagination. This is what I meant by that.
   It's such shame that most good looking men are mostly idiots. They are arrogant, cocky, stupid, and all that crap. I just would be so nice to find a man who really can make you laugh in the right way, likes the same things as you do, and would be the kind of attractive that you find attractive (cos there is a lot of different kinds of attractiveness!). Oh wait, haha, silly me, I have found that! And I've been with him for the last four and a half years. 

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